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Borsalino Hats

The origin of Borsalino hats industry dates back to 1857, when Giuseppe and Lazzaro Borsalino began the manufacturing of a fur hat in a hand crafted workshop in Alessandria, in the northern of Italy.

Borsalino Hats

In the 20th century the Borsalino Hats brand has become famous worldwide, and the creations of the Borsalino hats factory are, still now, synonymous of elegant felt hat tout court and of italian elegance and style.

Borsalino vintage hats collection

RMR Hats presents a large collection of Borsalino hats, with particular attention to end of series Antica Casa Borsalino Hats (hats produced by the former Borsalino Brand owner - the traditional one), very difficult to find elsewhere.

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