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Christy England

When Miller Christy began making the finest quality hats in London in 1773 no one could have known the quality and tradition of that bygone age would live more than 200 years later. It took Miller a seven year apprenticeship to learn the "art and mystery of feltmaking". Those skills have not changed and have been passed down to the current generation of hat makers.

The large red hat boxes with the " Christys' London" name embossed in gold are  familiar sight wherever quality hats are sold. Throughout the world when people see a Christy hat, they know there has been no compromise in quality and that the hat on their head bears the tradition started by Miller Christy all those years ago.

Today the tradition carries through not only the feltmaking but into a wide range of products suiting the demans of the modern world.

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Christy England

Christy England

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