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capparella RMR CAPPELLERIA INGLESE The Online Shop is just the latest development in a tradition that dates back to the mid19th century and whose origins are firmly rooted in the Region.

In 1973 he took over the business, which is today a truly commercial reality that offers a line ranging from the ordinary felt hat to the montecristi panama; classic city-wear; Zanella trousers; TT shirts and in addition, Lacoste sports apparel for leisure wear.

In 1975 Roberto´s interest in millinery prompted him to take up the parallel occupation of sales agent to the hat sector, thus enabling him to collaborate with leading companies in the field. Respectful of his cultural roots, close to the tradition of the Romagna region, he out-sources production of the traditional capparella (mantel) and of ties of his own design, inspired by the famous Ravenna mosaics.

At the end of the 1980s, Roberto took over the Cappelleria Inglese owned by Matteucci, which has a long history, having been in business in Ravenna since 1906.

Also we have managed until summer 2018 the Lugo shop, formerly the 1904 Cappelleria Minghetti under the Pavaglione arcades, a shop trading since 1870, a fact documented by an invoice issued to the first known proprietor, Mr. Pietro Lasi, relating to his subscription to the 1870 exhibition fair in Lugo.

cravatta di ravennaThe upholding of an established tradition is Roberto Manzoni´s constant philosophy. This is borne out by careful sourcing of quality materials and skilful craftsmanship, along with dedicated attention to detail, all of which are unique to the best craftsmen in this sector.

He selects Italian manufacturers on the basis of their skill and their value - rare and precious but not unnecessarily expensive, in the awareness that the quality of a product goes over and above its style and look.

After 30 years spent also as sales agent for licensed milliners, Roberto Manzoni knows this market thoroughly well. Driven by curiosity, he continues searching for the best items to offer his clients by putting Italian craftsmanship and well-priced quality first.

Roberto Manzoni´s brother Giancarlo collaborates in the business, welcoming clientele with dedication and care, catering to all their needs.
They both hold the conviction that their winning formula should consist of the determination to provide quality products, coupled with a rigid ethic, maintaining maximum respect for the client and his satisfaction. Therefore, they carefully source producers equally mindful of their entrepreneurial and social responsibility: those who do not employ child labour nor exploit their workforce, and lawfully respect tax laws.

cappello capparella Social commitment and passion for the visual arts have co-existed with business throughout Roberto Manzoni´s life. He proudly owns a small collection of mosaic artworks (which are displayed in his shop), unusual neckties and, obviously, a highly original selection of hats of different makes and eras.

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cappelleria inglese
cappelleria inglese
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